Manufacturing facilities
Chemical and Fuel facilities

The active surveillance and protection of industrial facilities is absolutely essential. Manufacturing facilities cannot afford loss of critical equipment due to theft or criminal activity. Such loss could be far more costly then just the replacement value of the equipment. It could also impact productivity and loss of business and customers due to inability to meet contractual commitment.

The energy supply industry is the backbone of our industrial infrastructure and as such protecting it from criminal or terrorist activity is of the utmost importance. The challenge of protecting power stations, substations, transformers and other components of the power grids are enormous due to size and complexity. Therefore protection utilizing a combination of existing video surveillance system and guards is inefficient, costly and subject to human error.

Chemical facilities often contain extremely volatile, toxic or otherwise sensitive or vulnerable materials that can be high value targets for sabotage or other criminal activity. Conventional surveillance and security services

are subject to well-documented human and technicallimitations and can provide only limited protections.

Visentry’s Virtual Sentry is ideally suited to addressing the unique challenges of protecting industrial facilities. Virtual Sentry service combines proprietary video event detection and analysis capability with the most advanced security hardware to provide intelligent monitoring and real-time response. Virtual Sentryin the only solution with the capacity to identify and distinguish real threats from false alarms, while enabling real-time reaction and response, 24/7/365.

Visentry’s intelligent, centralized Security monitoring minimizes the possibility of human error, while maximizing the employment of human resources -- making Visentry’s Virtual Sentry the easiest, most effective and most affordable solution for businesses and localities.

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