VISENTRY was founded by two security services experts with more than 40 years of combined experience addressing the needs of businesses and government for effective and cost-efficient services for perimeter, asset, data and critical infrastructure protection. With VISENTRY, they have introduced a unique and groundbreaking service, the Virtual Sentry, which delivers around-the-clock, real-time remote video monitoring and response. Virtual Sentry integrates “intelligent” digital video technology with the most comprehensive central monitoring software available today, delivered on an application Service Provider (ASP) platform that is protected by redundancy and related failsafe mechanisms.


No other company in the market today offers a solution with VISENTRY’s combination of intelligent threat detection technology, comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities, and scalability -- all at an affordable price compared with today’s less sophisticated, inefficient and often ineffective services.


VISENTRY’s experts understand the security challenges of businesses, institutions and localities across the United States. These include protecting property from theft and destruction, ensuring employee safety, preventing industrial sabotage and protecting critical infrastructure.


Too often security problems are compounded by inadequate and unreliable guard and surveillance systems.

  • On-site guard services are expensive and inefficient.

  • Low-tech alarm sensors trigger needless and costly false alarms.

  • Unsophisticated alarm systems provide little data and minimal response options.

  • Video monitoring systems depend on often undependable personnel.

Patchwork attempts to combine these inadequate technologies and approaches usually add up to increased complexity and cost rather than increased security.


Businesses and institutions trying to solve their security problems, now have an intelligent solution: Virtual Sentry.


Virtual Sentry is a unique, intelligent detection and monitoring service, providing 24/7/365, real-time remote video monitoring with automated alerts, data analysis and response, all customized to detect and respond to the customer’s specific threat profile.


Virtual Sentry service dramatically and efficiently increases security while virtually eliminating missed threats and false alarms by detecting and identifying aberrant activities or unwanted activity, often before a crime occurs.


If security is the problem, Visentry is the intelligent solution.


Discover why VISENTRY’s Virtual Sentry Service is the intelligent solution for your businesses or locality.



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