The following illustrates how an asset protection solution works:

A major contractor equipment company operates an open lot where it stores tractors, loaders, lifts and other construction vehicles. The company employs a patrol service and has installed motion sensors, but has suffered significant losses over the years from theft. Located in a rural area, the presence of a variety of wildlife has rendered the motion detection system unreliable. Repeated false alarms have undermined local authorities’ confidence in the alarm system, leading to poor response.

Visentry installs a custom Virtual Sentry solution. The service is programmed, in part, to respond to the movement of large objects on the lot during specified time periods before and after regular business hours. At 3:00 a.m. on a cold January morning, cameras record the motion of a front loader and send this data over the internet to the Visentry monitoring station. Video of the moving vehicle is brought up by Virtual Sentry on a monitor where the Visentry security operator confirms the unauthorized movement and the movement of another vehicle – a flatbed truck. In accordance with response instructions provided to Visentry by the contractor, the operator alerts the local police and provides an exact location and description of the activity. The operator also notifies a designated company official. Local police respond immediately to the precise location and apprehend the suspects before the crime can be accomplished.

The entire process is completed off the site in real time without the need for security guards.

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