The following illustrates how Virtual Sentry can protect critical infrastructure assets such as water facilities.


Water facilities are found for the most part in remote sites. Due to size and location it is not practical to protect these facilities utilizing guarding services. Terrorist or criminal activity could result in the contamination of this most vital resource.


Visentry installs Virtual Sentry around the external perimeter of the facility and connects the system via a wireless network to the Visentry monitoring station. Any person crossing the virtual perimeter will create an alert. Real time video will be sent via the internet to the monitoring station. The Visentry security operator will immediately notify the water facilities control center to shut down the facility’s valves preventing the flow of contaminated water into the system.


Law enforcement will be immediately notified by the Visentry security operator and will be given the exact location of the intrusion.


The Visentry system has prevented a major risk to the general population and has given law enforcement the opportunity to arrest the intruder.

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