The following illustrates how Virtual Sentry can protect one of the most valuable assets of an organization, their proprietary data.


A Biotechnology company stores its proprietary research material on their central computer system. In addition, the workstations of their key scientists contain highly proprietary information. In the past, employees have carelessly discarded proprietary documents into the trash which are then thrown by the cleaning crew into the garbage container found outside the building. The company must find a way to protect this valuable information.


Virtual Sentry creates a virtual perimeter around the computer system that needs to be protected. Any person crossing this perimeter sets off Virtual Sentry’s alert, and the video from cameras recording his image is sent over the internet to Visentry’s monitoring station. Likewise, a similar process can be installed around external trash containers to prevent or to find competitors that are trying to obtain sensitive information about the company. The Visentry security operator sends the oral warning to the trespasser and alerts the local police. No on-site guard is required. The process through Virtual Sentry can be administered entirely off the site.




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