The following illustrates how a perimeter protection solution works:

A major commercial bank in Boston occupies a two-story building. It is 7:00 PM and the building is closed. A man starts walking from the parking lot onto the building grounds. He does not belong there. Without realizing it, he has crossed a virtual fence created by Virtual Sentry and has set off an alert.

The cameras located in and around the building, pick up his image and transfer it to the system’s software. This software has been programmed to detect any person that crosses a virtual perimeter around the building and transfer via the internet the live video and audio from the site to Visentry’s monitoring station. Visentry security staff at the monitoring station is available 24/7 to react in real time to the intrusion.

The video alert is immediately displayed on the security operator’s monitor. In accordance with response instructions provided to Visentry by the bank, the security operator does two things. First, through the audio system contained in Virtual Sentry, he warns the man that he has been seen and that his actions are continuously being recorded and that if he doesn’t leave immediately, he will be arrested. Second, he sends the alert to the local police station, pinpointing where the activity is taking place.

As a result, the police know they do not have a false alarm, and they also know exactly where the activity is taking place. All of this is happening in real time, without the need for personnel in the bank to sit and scan TV monitors 24 hours a day.


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