The VALUE of Intelligent Security


Businesses and institutions across the United States are facing challenging security problems, including protecting property from theft and destruction, ensuring employee safety, preventing industrial sabotage, and providing data security. The potential for terrorism now looms as well.

Too often, security problems are compounded by inadequate and unreliable guard and surveillance systems.


CCTV security systems presently available on the market are primarily reactive and have the following limitations:

• The majority of these systems are passive. This means that security personnel must monitor the screens full time, which leads to boredom and inattention. As a result, important images may be ignored.

• Even when security personnel are actively watching monitors, they may not recognize activity that constitutes a threat.

• Most systems provide only one-way communication. This means that while the security monitors can see activity in an area, they cannot communicate directly with anyone there.

• Valuable, real-time information is generally not available or shared with the individuals who must respond in the event of an emergency.

• Typical CCTV monitoring systems are fragmented. A single camera cannot cover large areas. This means that multiple cameras must be used, making it virtually impossible to monitor a large space without a large security force.


VISENTRY customers utilizing Virtual Sentry service enjoy far superior security, dramatically improved alarm accuracy and response, and a decrease in preventable and costly crimes – all at a significantly lower cost compared to the other security solutions available on the market today.

The cost savings can be significant.


Today, the cost of employing round-the-clock monitoring and guarding services can amount to upwards of $150,000 a year per guard. In-house security systems can be equally or more costly to administer and maintain. In contrast, a custom Virtual Sentry installation and monthly monitoring charges can be a fraction of the cost of these approaches.


In addition, VISENTRY customers have access to site and system status information and related support services over the internet, providing an extra measure of security -- and peace of mind.


It all adds up to measurable customer benefits:

• Reduced guarding and monitoring costs
• Reduced false alarms and better law enforcement response
• Reduced penalty costs due to high false alarm rates
• Reduced theft and vandalism
• Reduced insurance costs
• Increased productivity
• Peace of mind

That’s the VALUE of Intelligent Security.

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