JUNE 2008

Auto Theft & Vandalism

Quick Facts

• Just one incident of vandalism, theft or property damage could easily turn a good year into a financial disaster.

• Eco-terrorism is on the rise. Rather than steal cars, eco- terrorists vandalize and or burn vehicles they consider to be "gas guzzling SUVs".

• Catalytic converters are commodities for thieves. The rhodium inside fetches more than $9,000 an ounce. Experts say the average converter contains 1 to 2 grams of platinum, palladium and rhodium. That equals about 0.07 of an ounce, meaning 14 or 15 converters are needed to equal one ounce of the metals.


In the News
In New Jersey, the car theft capital of the world, acts of arson are now some of the worst and most opportunistic forms of property damage: three separate dealerships in South Jersey were struck over the March 29-30 weekend, where some form of accelerant was poured over autos in the display line and then ignited; the losses ranged between 8 to 27 cars for each attack. And yet, standard types of policing fail to prevent these events from happening. Forcing car dealers to ask, “Why spend even more money on security personnel, alarms and guard dogs when these techniques do not fully protect against theft?"

DCH Milburn Audi


After years of using conventional security methods (fences with barbed wire, motion detectors and cameras) DCH continued to experience vandalism. Alarm sirens only served to shorten the length of criminal activity, not eliminate it, and motion detectors contributed to annoying false alarms. From customers leaving cars for service to an extensive amount of headlights being stolen, DCH wanted a more preventative solution to vandalism.

DCH sought out security experts to help them detect and deter criminal activity. Within two weeks of signing the contract, the Visentry 24/7 security system was up and running.



Over two years later, DCH continues to experience zero criminal incidents, and was so pleased that they hired Visentry to install systems in their parking decks and used car lots.

Additional Benefits:
Increased Sales –Prospects are able to visit DCH after hours and on Sundays without the restriction of fences which prohibit shoppers.
Competitive Advantage – An open lot allows shoppers to remain at the dealership instead of driving to the competition.
Cost Savings – With zero claims, insurance premiums were lowered.

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